MH370 Passenger Manifests

Malaysia Airlines published information concerning the loss of flight MH370 up until approximately 11/04/14. this site provides passenger manifest information that was previously available at Malaysia Airlines, but now unavailable.

There were two manifests published;

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 Passenger Manifest_Nationality

and a second on 10/04/14

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 Passenger Manifest_Nationality@10Apr2

There are differences between the two manifests.  Passenger 213  of the original list is removed Passenger 104  is corrected in the manifest of 10th of April and is given number 105 on the later manifest and a new passenger is given number 104. There are also minor corrections to names in the later manifest.

A third manifest rearranging the order to reflect nationality followed by alphabetical order is published here: